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 Item and inventory management

Managing items and inventory is a crucial part of keeping your business running smoothly. With Odoo, you can centralize the management of all your articles in one simple and easy-to-use menu. Organize your items by type, category, variants and internal references, manage lot and serial numbers, barcodes and prices and sales taxes. Make your purchases with ease thanks to supplier management. Easily print item labels and barcodes with a single click. Inventory management is also simplified, allowing you to track stock movements in real time and make decisions. With AIT.Store and Odoo you can improve the efficiency of your business by simplifying the management of your items and your inventory.

  Production and work orders

Create production orders (PO) easily. Check the progress of your OFs. Where is the manufacturing? How much time is used per post? Everything is centralized in one place. Print the orders. Scan the barcodes to quickly find the OFs in your list. Each employee finds his work order on his workstation. It starts it, pauses it or ends it, three easy to use buttons. Deploy a diagram or a plan on each workstation, the employee will be able to follow it easily.

 Employee management

With Odoo, manage your employees efficiently by centralizing all the information relating to each of them in one place. Facilitate the management of public holidays, statutory holidays and sick leave. Odoo is an all-in-one tool that allows you to efficiently manage all tasks related to the management of your employees, from recruitment to evaluation, including expense reports, absences and attendance. It also allows you to create reports and statistics to evaluate the performance of your employees and make decisions.

 Attendance management and stamping

Efficiently track your employees' time and attendance in one place. Consult the attendance of your employees intuitively from a list or from the employee menu. Get detailed information on the number of hours worked, arrival and departure times. Use the kosque (stamp) mode to set up an automatic clocking-in system in your store, which allows your employees to scan their badge (Odoo) or identify themselves manually to facilitate the clocking-in process. This also helps reduce input errors and maintain precision in the management of working hours.

 Quotation, purchase order and invoicing

Create custom quote templates, send your quotes to your customers, close deals, get paid faster by your customers. Convert quotes to purchase orders with a single click. Invoice customers, easily record contracts and track billing phases.

  Management of ranges and nomenclatures

Create as many ranges as you have in your company or production workshop. Add the related operations and workstations to it. When creating an OF (Manufacturing Order), it will follow the path indicated in your range. To make a product, what components/items do you need? Create your BOMs by indicating the components, quantity, unit of measure and what is consumed in the operation.

 Maintenance and repair orders

Easily track the progress of maintenance requests using the Kanban view. Use the maintenance calendar to organize and schedule activities. Your team will love the drag-and-drop interface for organizing maintenance requests. The repair application allows you to manage a complete after-sales process but also to simply repair the products you have manufactured, if they present a defect.

  Analysis and statistics

Get all your business statistics. Sale, purchases, inventory report, production orders, work order, invoices, attendance analysis, analysis of maintenance requests, repairs and much more.

 It all starts with a domain name

It's time to offer yourself a domain name that reflects your image. Our domain name registration service will help you find the one that suits you best. With a large choice, find your new domain name among more than 400 extensions. You can search for available domain names or browse our list of domain name suggestions. We also offer transfer options for customers who already own a domain name. Don't miss this opportunity to give your site or server the online identity it deserves. Order your domain name now at AIT.HOSTING.

 Customer area with all centralized services

Do not connect to several websites to configure your web services. At AIT.HOSTING everything is centralized! The AIT.HOSTING customer area allows you to easily manage your accounts, order new services, pay bills and communicate with our support team. With the customer area, you can access real-time information about your account, such as bandwidth and disk space usage, as well as details of your bills. You can also upgrade your existing account with just a few clicks. In addition, the customer area gives you an integrated support functionality that allows you to submit requests and track the status of your tickets in real time. This facilitates communication between you and AIT.HOSTING and allows incidents to be resolved quickly.

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chf 14.00

  •   Storage space 40GB
  •  Recommended users <5
  •  Private server
  •  Bandwidth 250 Mbits/s unlimited
  •  1 vCore, 2 Go
  •  Support



chf 29.00

  •   Storage space 80GB
  •  Recommended users <10
  •  Private server
  •  Bandwidth 500 Mbits/s unlimited
  •  2 vCore, 4 Go
  •  Support



chf 49.00

  •   Storage space 160GB
  •  Recommended users <15
  •  Private server
  •  Bandwidth 1'000 Mbits/s unlimited
  •  4 vCore, 8 Go
  •  Support

AIT.HOSTING systems are not to be used as a unique backup system for your data. Backing up sensitive data on conventional physical media - stored at your home or on your company's premises is important!