Centralized system for business. Everything you need. With production management!

Production orders

Create production orders (OF) easily. Check the progress of your OFs. Where is the manufacturing? How much time is used per post? Everything is centralized in one place. Print the orders. Scan the barcodes to quickly find the OFs in your list.

Work orders

Each employee finds his work order on his workstation. It starts it, pauses it or ends it, three easy to use buttons. Deploy a diagram or plan on each range/workstation, the employee will see it and can follow it easily.

Range management

Create as many ranges as you have in your company or production workshop. Add the related operations and workstations to it. When creating an OF, it will follow the path shown in your range.

BOM management

To make a product, what components/items do you need? Create your nomenclature by indicating the components, the quantity, the unit of measure and what is consumed in the operation.

Maintenance management

Easily track the progress of maintenance requests using the Kanban view. Use the maintenance calendar to organize and plan activities. Your team will love the quick drag-and-drop interface for organizing maintenance requests

Repair orders

The Odoo repair application allows you to manage a complete after-sales process but also to simply repair the products you have manufactured, if they present a defect.

Item and inventory management

Manage all your items from a single menu. Management of item type and category, variants, internal references, batch/serial numbers, barcodes, prices and sales taxes, suppliers. Print labels and barcodes with one click. Manage inventory easily.

Employee management

Effectively manage your employees. Gather all the information about each of your employees in one place. Manage public holidays, statutory holidays, and sick leave. All-in-one: Recruitment, Evaluation, Expense Reports, Absences, Attendances, etc.

Attendance management

Track the time and attendance of your employees. Check attendance from a list or from the employee menu. Number of hours worked, arrival-departure. Use kiosk mode to have a stamping system in your store. The employee will only have to scan his badge (Odoo) or identify himself manually.

Quotation, purchase order and invoicing 

Create custom quote templates, send your quotes to your customers, close deals, get paid faster by your customers. Convert quotes to purchase orders with a single click. Invoice customers, easily record contracts and track billing phases.

Analysis, statistics and accounting

Get all your business statistics. Sale, purchases, inventory report, manufacturing orders, work order, invoices, attendance analysis, analysis of maintenance requests, repairs, and much more.

Choose your apps

A need, an application. Adapt Odoo to your growth. Sales App, Billing, Inventory, Purchasing, Point of Sale, Manufacturing, Employees, Maintenance, Classes, Events, Fleet, Repairs, Attendance, Notes, Online Jobs, and more.

Over 30 apps to choose from


From quotes to invoices


Manage your stock and logistics activities

Point of sale

Online checkout with user-friendly interface

Start by choosing the AIT.Restaurant server that suits you


chf 15.00

/ month
  •   Storage space 40GB
  •  Recommended users <5
  •  Private server
  •  Bandwidth 250 Mbits/s 
  •  Maintenance, Support


chf 30.00

/ month
  •   Storage space 80GB
  •  Recommended users <10
  •  Private server
  •  Bandwidth 250 Mbits/s 
  •  Maintenance, Support


chf 60.00

/ month
  •   Storage space 160GB
  •  Recommended users <15
  •  Private server
  •  Bandwidth 1'000 Mbits/s 
  •  Maintenance, Support